To help make the strategy a reality, the Provost's Board wanted to develop a set of Values and Behaviours. The Provost's Board tasked the Organisational Development and Inclusion (ODI) team to develop a set of Values using these principles:

  • Co-created with College community
  • Provost's Board active involvement
  • A culture where 'how things are done' is as important as the result acheived
  • Process as important as outcome
  • Set the tone for change
  • Deal with inconsistent behaviours
  • Explore what connects us - shared beliefs / assumptions
  • Faculty-led

Focus Groups

A team of facilitators designed 90-minute focus groups to draw out and listen to views directly from College staff. The focus groups started with a definition of what values are, before diving into the big questions:


What makes / would make Imperial a great place to work?
What behaviours do you value from colleagues at Imperial? (and would they be different for leaders?)
What are the values that you think are important for Imperial?

The focus group attendees then voted on the top five values, which enabled the ODI team to gather perspectives from staff across the College.


Overall, we listened to the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of over 400 members of staff. They submitted a list of 360 values – 86 of which were unique. The top 12 most-suggested values were developed into five themes:

  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation