Postdoctoral researcher:

"The workshop has been extremely useful. It helped me to look at the way I write from a different perspective, which will help me when I write for publication or when I write formal reports. Thank you very much for delivering such a fantastic course."

Postdoctoral researcher:

"It should be mandatory for everybody." 

Final-year doctoral student:

"I have successfully submitted my thesis and passed my viva with minor corrections – and the thesis writing retreat and support was a significant contribution." 

Writing Tools for Research Publication Success for Postdoctoral researchers

This 1-day workshop designed and delivered by the Centre for Academic English team is offered through Imperial’s Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre. It is consistently highly rated by postdoctoral researchers looking to improve their chances of being published in high-impact journals. Through working with their chosen research articles, the participants are trained to develop a model for writing in their specific discipline and to identify the associated language needed. Further information on this workshop.

Writing Tools for Medical Science Research Publication Success for Postdoctoral researchers

As a result of the success of the above workshop, the CfAE has also developed and delivers writing workshops tailored specifically to the needs of researchers from the London Institute of Medical Sciences.

Provision for the Department of Civil Engineering

The CfAE has devised an 8-week language course which runs in parallel to one of the first-year core modules of the MEng Civil Engineering programme. This course, which is preceded by a diagnostic subject-specific assessment of reading and writing, provides guidance and tailored practice to improve students’ writing of a 4000-word technical report, which is the module’s final assessment.

Provision for the Department of Mathematics

Since October 2009, the CfAE has been providing Maths undergraduates with two terms of weekly classes in their first year at Imperial. The material for these courses is created by the CfAE using radio and television recordings on Maths and the history of Maths. Students are taught how to overcome common grammatical and lexical errors, and to improve their pronunciation of technical and subtechnical items related to their field. Students are given regular assignments and receive detailed feedback on their work.

Provision for the Department of Life Sciences

These interactive sessions for first-year Biology students employ group work to support the writing process and use content relevant to the students’ degree course and Imperial research. The key foci are on raising students’ awareness of academic conventions and developing their ability to paraphrase effectively. Students receive detailed feedback both during the sessions and on assignments submitted through Turnitin.

Award-winning Global Postgraduate Retreat: Thesis Writing

These new PhD writing retreats are part of Imperial’s award-winning ‘Researching Well Together’ project. In partnership with the Graduate School, we provide a supportive framework, including short talks on effective writing skills and 1-to-1 consultations, to enable third-year PhD students to make significant progress in writing the thesis. Further information on the writing retreats.