Student/tutor consultation

Discuss and understand language areas for improvement through a piece of oral or written work

Our consultations are available for both non-native and native speaker students and academic staff.

If you require help with a specific piece of academic writing or an oral presentation, we offer one-to-one consultations with a CfAE tutor. Our aim is to work with you to help you identify and understand language areas for improvement.  This means analysing your work at the text, sentence and word level (e.g. organisation, grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation) in order to guide you towards resolving these issues for yourself longer term.

How to book

Please note that Consultations only run during term-time.

Bookings for next Summer term starting 29th April will open on Monday 8th April.

Step 1: Use our online booking system to select your appointment date/time and fill in the requested personal details. Please note that the earliest a consultation can be booked is 3 weeks in advance and the latest is 3 days in advance.

Step 2: You will then receive an automated booking confirmation via email with all consultation details.

Step 3: As soon as you have received your email confirmation,

  • if it is a writing consultation, please send the tutor the text you are working on (maximum 1,000 words and at least 2 working days before the appointment) and let them know which key language areas you wish to discuss.
  • if it is a presentation consultation, please send the tutor your slides and let them know which key language areas you wish to discuss.

Please note:

    • Consultations are not offered to students from the Business School.
    • This is not a proofreading service.
    • The maximum number of consultations any student can book per term is two. This can either be two separate 30 minute slots or a 1 hour slot. This is so that as many students as possible can benefit from our consultations service.
    • For each consultation, whether 30 minutes or 1 hour, the text should be no more than 1000 words. For help with applications (e.g. internship or course applications, CVs, personal statements), please contact the College's Careers service.


South Kensington Campus

REGISTER HERE for spring term consultations at SOUTH KENSINGTON.

Hammersmith Campus

REGISTER HERE for spring consultations at HAMMERSMITH.

Skype consultations

REGISTER HERE for spring term consultations via Skype.