for the spring term (23 January to 17 March)
For consultations:

Open from 22 December to 1 March

For drop-ins:

Open from 10 January to 17 March

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Our goal is to help all members of Imperial College London achieve excellent academic STEMM communication. We offer two kinds of 1:1 support as summarised below. 

Please note that neither of the below are a proofreading service. They are opportunities for you to speak to an academic STEMM communication expert to help you understand how you can improve your communication.

Consultations and drop-ins

Online consultations (through MS Teams)

  • These are 30-minute 1:1 appointments to discuss external texts and presentations only, such as texts for journal publication, grant proposals, fellowship applications or conference presentations.
  • Offered during term time on a first come, first served basis. The earliest you can book is 5 weeks in advance and the latest is 2 weeks in advance.
  • You are allowed to book a maximum of two 30-minute slots per term. 
  • You must email either a written extract (maximum 1,000 words) or a set of presentation slides to the tutor one week in advance of the session and state where you are planning to submit your text or deliver your presentation.
  • Once we have received your text or slides, we will identify the main language and communication issues. In the appointment, you will be guided towards resolving these issues.



Online drop-ins (through MS Teams)

  • These are 15-minute 1:1 appointments to discuss how to improve your communication skills.
  • The focus is on communicating more effectively in the context of your Imperial degree programme, research or academic role.
  • You can receive general guidance on how to improve your academic writing or speaking, or you can check which course(s)/workshop(s) you would benefit from. If you feel it would help the discussion, you are welcome to bring a short sample of your Imperial work (e.g. a report, review, dissertation, assessed presentation, viva).
  • Drop-ins are offered during term time on a first come, first served basis. The earliest you can book is 2 weeks in advance and the latest is 1 hour in advance.
  • Although you can only book one appointment at a time, we may offer you a follow-up appointment. Please note that you can only book 2 appointments per term for fairness to other College members. 


  • Please note that we do not offer consultations for job or study/course applications (e.g. personal statements). Please register for our Improving your CV/covering letter session or contact the Careers service.
  • The Business School requests that their students and staff contact the Global Skills Development team in the Business School about their equivalent to the Centre for Academic English provision.