for autumn term 2023 is closed

This 8-week course (approximately 3 hours per week) is suitable for those who have a high level of language proficiency and focuses on accurate and coherent communication at research level. It is suitable for those whose priority is practising and improving their academic STEMM writing in general.

If your priority is writing a paper for publication, we recommend you take our Writing a Research Paper workshop series.

Students on this course are also recommended to take advantage of our self-study provision.

Course eligibility

  • If you are a 1st-year doctoral student scoring level 4 on DACR A1 (or level 3 or level 4 on DACR A2), you will receive the recommendation for Advanced Academic Writing with your DACR assessment result. 
  • If you have received an email confirming exemption from the Requirement, you are also eligible for this course.
  • If you have successfully completed our Academic Writing 1&2 (Condensed) course, you are also eligible for this course.

Please note that registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that you can only take 1 doctoral writing course/workshop series per term. This is so that we can enable as many people as possible to join a course.

Online delivery

Course structure

  • Each week there will be a remote session, which provides the input to prepare you for the scheduled live session. The remote session is not timetabled, but you are expected to spend at least 45 minutes on the activities.  
  • The group will then meet for a 90-minute live session to check that everyone has understood the input and to apply what you've learned through a series of collaborative activities.  
  • Every week, you will also have follow-up activities (often a writing assignment), which should take about 45 minutes.  

Live session mode

We hope to be able to offer this course both online and on the South Kensington campus. However, this will be dependent on sufficient numbers for each mode type.