In addition to our standard provision, the CfAE tailors a range of training sessions, workshops and courses to the specific needs and research focus of an organisation, department or group (not individuals). Charges vary according to the nature of the request.

  • Training sessions are delivered in one to three hours and provide targeted input.
  • Workshops are typically half/one-day sessions that provide input and practice tailored to the participants' discipline or research focus. They can also include feedback.
  • Courses are a series of daily or weekly sessions that typically provide tailored input, practice and feedback. They can be embedded into a department's programme of study.

We also provide structured and supported one/two-day retreats to achieve significant progress on writing. In addition to writing time, the retreats provide targeted input on effective writing and individual redrafting feedback.

Our tailored training, workshops and courses

Written STEMM communication provision

 Writing scientific assignments  YES  YES  
 Writing an introduction  YES  YES  
 Writing a literature review  YES  YES  
 Writing the methods and results sections  YES  YES  
 Writing the discussion, conclusion and abstract sections  YES  YES  
 Writing a lab report  YES  YES  
 Writing a thesis  YES  YES  YES
 Writing a research paper  YES  YES  YES
 Writing a grant proposal  YES  YES  
 Writing a fellowship application  YES  YES  
 Writing with impact and clarity  YES    
 Critical writing  YES    
 Keeping your reader engaged  YES    
 Academic reading skills  YES  YES  
 Academic literacy embedded into a programme of study      YES
 Academic literacy embedded into a blended course      YES
YES = recommended formats
Written STEMM Communication Tailored Provision

Spoken STEMM communication provision

 Presentation skills   YES   YES   YES
 Presenting at conferences   YES   YES  
 Poster presentations   YES   YES  
 Participating in seminars   YES   YES  
 Seminar skills: speaking   YES   YES  
 Inclusivity in group work   YES   YES  
YES = recommended formats
Summary of the table's contents

Please submit your request to commission tailored provision for an organisation/department/group (not individuals) and a member of the CfAE team will be in touch to discuss costs and requirements.

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