PhD students

Improve your ability to communicate your research accurately and professionally by joining our PhD STEM writing and technical speaking courses

Term dates 2018-19

Autumn term
Monday 22 Oct-Friday 14 Dec
Spring term
Monday 21 Jan-Friday 15 Mar
Summer term
Monday 29 Apr-Friday 21 Jun
Vacation term
Monday 8 Jul-Friday 30 Aug



The aim of our PhD academic English provision is to help students in science, engineering and medicine at Imperial College London communicate their research as accurately and professionally as possible.

We offer a range of courses at all levels as well as one-to-one consultations to respond to language needs related to your PhD. In addition, we aim to enhance your ability to represent your work in the wider academic community, particularly in relation to publications and conference participation. 

In addition to fulfilling the English language entry requirement to gain admission to their programme of study, doctoral (PhD) students who are not native speakers of English must also fulfil the Imperial College London PhD Academic English Requirement via an initial academic English assessment and possibly a later progress check. 

Further information on the Imperial College London PhD Academic English Requirement and upcoming assessment dates.

If you are a visiting PhD student, please go to our academic staff webpage.