Application process, fees and accommodation


Application process

We urge you to complete this process as quickly as possible after that – if you leave any parts of the process too late, you could lose your place on the course.

Note: The deadline for applications for the 12 week course has now passed.

1. Check which course you should apply for: course entry requirements .

2. Complete the online application form. Please note that the 2019 pre-sessional courses run in the 2018/19 academic year which is what you will see in the system. We will process your application as quickly as possible but please allow 10 working days for a decision as your application is reviewed. 

3. When you receive an offer, accept it using the Student e-Service in order to secure your place on the programme.

4. Within 10 working days of accepting your offer, you will receive an invoice for the course fees by email from the Tuition Fees team. In order to secure your place on the course, you must then pay the Pre-sessional fees in full within 14 days of the invoice date.

N.B. If you are a sponsored student, the invoice for your fees will be sent directly to your sponsor. As soon as you have accepted your offer in Student e-Service, you should send a copy of your Financial Guarantee Letter to Full information on what the letter needs to cover is found on the Information for postgraduate students page on tuition fees.

5. When you have paid the fees in full, you will receive confirmation of your place on the programme by email.

Students requiring a Tier 4 visa only

6. Once your place is confirmed on the course, upload a copy of your passport to the Passport/Visa page of your e-Service account.

7. You will be issued a CAS number by Registry. It will normally be issued within seven days of receipt of your payment and will appear on the Passport/Visa page of your e-Service account. For further information, please visit this webpage with some general guidance on getting your CAS number.

*Please only contact us if it has been more than a month since your paid your tuition fees and uploaded your passport.*

8. Now refer to the student visas page to find out more about applying for your visa.


Application deadlines

12-week course closing date: Monday 3 June 2019 - now closed

6-week course closing date: Monday 1 July 2019

3-week course closing date: Monday 22 July 2019

Your application will be considered prior to the relevant deadline given above. Offers are made subject to space being available.  

Please note that applications for the 12- and 6-week courses submitted after the deadline for applications will only be considered where the applicant does not require a Tier-4 visa.


2019 course dates

12-week course: Monday 1 July - Friday 20 September 2019

6-week course: Monday 12 August - Friday 20 September 2019

3-week course: Monday 2 September - Friday 20 September 2019


2019 fees

12-week course: £5,640

6-week course: £3,060

3-week course: £1,530


You should also make arrangements for your pre-sessional course accommodation as early as possible. You will receive details by email of the summer accommodation for Imperial students available and details of how to book once you have been offered a place on the course and accepted it.

Tel: +44 20 7594 8748