A speaker presenting to a group of students at a poster event

Come to our speaking lab and our practice sessions

Want to make progress on your speaking in a supportive, collaborative environment, guided by your peers and CfAE coaches? Come to our speaking lab or join a guided practice session! 

You might want to come to our lab to:​

  • have a walk-in 1:1 session or group session to receive advice from a CfAE coach
  • work in a supportive environment on your assessment
  • work on our self-study learning blocks
  • work with your friends/peers
  • collaborate with your group on a joint assessment

You might also want to rehearse and interact with other university members. Join our speaking and listening practice sessions to:

  • try out a presentation in front of an audience​
  • upgrade your networking strategies​
  • rehearse viva interactions​
  • practise taking questions on a poster you've made

If you wish to benefit from regularly working with the same teacher and students, why not register for a full suite of two or four highly-interactive sessions? You also have the flexibility to select individual 1- or 2-hour sessions from any of the suites to build your personal practice programme. 

If you wish to join any sessions, make sure you register below!  

When and where is our lab?

On Wednesdays and Thursdays from 13.00-15.30 during CfAE term time, you can come at any time - and stay as long as you like. Come and join us in ASL room 316 (access through the Sherfield building).

When and where are our practice sessions?

No events are currently scheduled

Please check back soon for updates.

Our speaking and listening practice sessions

Talking science

These fortnightly 'Talking Science' speaking and listening practice events give you the opportunity to:

  • rehearse activities that take place at ICL and beyond
  • build your confidence
  • develop key skills
  • reflect on and understand how to move your oral communication skills forward

Stand up and speak

This suite of 4 'Stand up and speak' practice sessions has been designed to help you:

  • develop your diction and delivery by working in small groups to practise your public speaking skills
  • receive feedback as you try out different techniques to get your voice and message across more clearly

Presenting your work

This suite of 4 'Presenting your work' practice sessions has been designed to help you:

  • prepare, practise and rehearse for presenting your work
  • consider how to become a more confident and effective communicator

The Business School requests that their students and staff contact their Global Skills Development team about their equivalent to the Centre for Academic English provision.