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Information is the key to the future. New modes of acquiring, processing, disseminating and reacting to information will be the critical technologies that shape society.

We are making discoveries and developing new technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, data sciences and robotics, and helping to better understand how these will transform lives, environments and present new challenges to the world of work.


Within each theme, we have identified sub-themes of particular areas of research strength, and areas that offer opportunities to build new strengths. These sub-themes will be developed and refined by working groups.

  • Future Information Technologies and Robotics – developing new approaches to acquiring and manipulating information in areas rangingfromhuman-centred robotics and artificial intelligence to quantum information science and technology
  • Data-Enabled Discovery and Science – interrogating data within a scientific framework, leading to new understanding and prediction
  • Digital Transformation and Impact on Society – developing research on how business analytics, data, cyber-security and AI will drive a step change in business and society
  • Future of Finance and Fintech Revolution – exploring how emerging areas such as digital money and cryptocurrency will enable the development and management financial resources in a more effective and equitable way

Cross-faculty initiatives

Our world-leading research and teaching in health are exemplified by our cross-faculty initiatives and specialist centres. 

Dr Aldo Faisal with a student in a lab

Dr Aldo Faisal's lab combines cross-disciplinary computational and experimental approaches to investigate how the brain and its neural circuits are designed to learn and control goal-directed movements.

Robotic Limb

An international group of researchers, led by Imperial’s Professor Dario Farina (Department of Bioengineering), are developing a novel breakthrough idea for controlling robotic limbs. The group has been awarded a €10m European Research Council Synergy Grant.

Launch event for the Centre for Smart Connected Futures

The Centre for Smart Connected Futures is a new multi-disciplinary research network at Imperial.