We have communities at Imperial that work with ICT on behalf of their faculty and department to facilitate IT requests for their area and collaborate on IT related activities and initiatives. 

These communities have been grouped into four roles: 

  • ICT Departmental Contacts (DepReps) - nominated representatives who approve IT related expenditure and, where applicable, manage IT account requests on behalf of their department/faculty.

  • Departmental IT Representatives (TechReps) - representatives with an interest in ICT related activity who provide valuable insight into the technological needs of their department/faculty, as well as help to promote IT initiatives to their peers and colleagues.

  • Departmental Telecom Contacts – representatives approving telecom related requests for their department/faculty.

  • Telecom Billing Recipients – representatives reviewing telecom related expenses for their department/faculty.

Community role descriptions

  • The main ICT relationship contact for their department/faculty
  • Approve purchases related to ICT expenditures. They have access to raising/approving purchase orders for IT equipment and software for their department/faculty as needed
  • Approve user management (IT account) requests for their department/faculty
  • Help with IT awareness and promote initiatives in their department/faculty
  • Receive ICT Major Incident communication as a default member of the distribution list
  • Departmental technical contacts, usually with some level of interest in and/or knowledge of IT, including departmental IT support staff
  • Help with IT awareness and promoting ICT plans in their department/faculty
  • Help ICT manage security vulnerabilities identified in their department/faculty
  • Provide feedback on initiatives and support their rollout
  • Receive ICT Major Incident communication as a default member of the distribution list
  • Approve departmental telecom requests including requests for new mobile phones, Teams telephony, physical lines, and physical handsets for shared areas
  • Place requests for telephone line changes on behalf of the billing owner
  • Receive and review telecoms bills for their department/faculty
  • Manage the departmental telecom demand in line with departmental policies
  • Transfer internal consolidated telephony charges produced by ICT for their department/faculty to their internal contacts as required
  • Forward on itemised bills to their owners as needed
  • Manage the singular account code that the telecoms code correlates to for their department/faculty (e.g. IC.ITBO.G80462 = CCIC)
  • Manage the financial account code that telecom charges are made to
  • Coordinate billing updates with their fellow Telecom Representative

Visit our Departmental Contacts web page to see who in your faculty or department fulfils the roles outlined above. You need your Imperial username and password to view the contacts. 

If you are listed incorrectly as a departmental contact, or if your department doesn't have a contact, please reach out to the ICT Service Desk.