Imperial College is a complex organisation with differing business drivers. Through engagement with our customers and awareness of external influencing factors, Digital Partners aim to discover and define strategies and opportunities that will benefit the College now and in the future.

How can Digital Partners help you?

If any of the following scenarios strike a chord with you, please contact your Digital Partner to discuss further:

  • "My organisation plans to do X, Y and Z as part of our strategy, how can ICT help us achieve that?"
  • "I think I may need a new service that I know ICT currently does not provide."
  • "I have a process that is paper-based and time consuming. I’d like to make it quicker or automate it."
  • "I’m interested in what ICT plans to do in the future."

Digital Partners collaborate closely with stakeholders across faculties and departments to understand and formulate strategy, gather requirements, contribute to business cases and define and initiate projects. Working closely with teams across ICT, we ensure that delivery is linked to business demand across the College.

Contact your Digital Partner

Send an email to all ICT Digital Partners.