Be Secure

  • Stop and challenge people trying to tailgate you into secure areas without a security pass.
  • Do not lend your security pass to others (ICT Admin Team has temporary passes for your visitors when needed.)
  • If you find any abandoned printed papers on printers or anywhere else, dispose of them in the confidential bin or in the paper shredder.
  • Be informed that meeting rooms may not be fully sound-proof, so be aware of not discussing personal and/or sensitive issues especially in the meeting rooms in close vicinity of desks.

Be noise aware

Avoid having long or group conversations, as well as long telephone and conference calls at desks where possible. Use one-hour mini or small rooms, meeting rooms or collaboration areas. For confidential and private conversations, always use an enclosed meeting room; if one is not available, consider postponing the conversation.

Keep your phone’s ringing volume low. Be aware of noise spill from headphones.

Consider how your actions and behaviour affect your colleagues. If you are not sure, ask!  Consider making use of all suitable places in the office appropriate to your activity.

Be green

  • There are recycling bins in the cafeteria and across the floor:
  • Use these bins for the correct disposal method and to help protect the environment.
  • Turn off any unneeded electrical equipment and lights. Ensure water taps are turned off after use.
  • Think twice before printing! Do you really need that item on paper while we all have a portable device to access it? Do not store unnecessary paper and recycle accordingly.