Various types of storage are available to you, depending on your needs. Everyone will have a personal locker to enable them to work smart on Level 4 Sherfield Building, but other storage is also available on request. ICT Admin can be contacted for assistance.

Lockers - Level 4 staff only

Individual lockers are provided to all staff members working on level 4 Sherfield Building to enable them for smart working. Personal items and keyboard with mouse should be stored in lockers, and only located on desks during periods of active occupation. Any personal items that are not required during your working day should be kept in the lockers, e.g. shoes, trainers, helmets, sports equipment, clothing, etc.

Everyone will be assigned only one locker for their personal items. (This excludes the lockers in the shower rooms if you are assigned one.) All lockers are identified by a unique number. If you need more space for your personal items that do not fit into your locker and you need to bring to work for a legitimate reason please discuss this with the ICT Admin team.

There are also lockers available in the shower rooms. These will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Contact ICT Admin if you are interested in getting one.

Consider how your actions and behaviour affect your colleagues. If you are not sure, ask!  Consider making use of all suitable places in the office appropriate to your activity.

Other storage

Cupboards are available mainly for storing items related to work. If you have more storage requirement for work items, please discuss this with your line manager, who could look into providing space for them in your team storage. Line managers can contact ICT Admin if they need more storage space for their work-related items.

You should not leave/store anything in the open office space including under the desks. These items include, but are not limited to folding bikes, scooters, clothing, etc.

The coat stands are available around the office.