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Why Smart Working is important at Imperial College

Imperial smart working logoOur aim is to provide a clear Smart Working framework that sets out consistent principles for making decisions and supporting the choices we make.

Key features of Smart Working are:

  • Flexibility in the time and location of work
  • Management by results
  • A trust-based and empowering culture
  • High levels of autonomy
  • More flexible forms of collaboration
  • Use of new technology tools and work environments

This Toolkit is designed to support managers and employees in understanding and making decisions about smart working.

The key benefits we are aiming for are:

  • Being more effective and efficient in our work
  • Providing more choice of where and when to work for employees

Smart Working can enable flexible work patterns. 

How to use the Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed both to promote understanding and to provide practical assistance for implementing smart working.

It is divided into 3 sections:

  • Introductory guidance to promote understanding of the basic principles of smart working and how to apply them to enable greater flexibility across all the work we do
  • Guidance for managers on supporting and managing smart working
  • Guidance for teams on how to work smarter.