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Realising our digital ambitions

We have begun work on creating a Digital Plan that will guide our decisions and position us to grasp new opportunities that harness and evolve our digital technology at Imperial. 

The pace of technological change has never been faster. Leveraging new and emerging technologies will enable us to create exceptional services to attract students, continue to provide world-leading teaching and research, and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our Professional Services systems.

Through the creation of a robust digital culture, we will inspire partnerships and enable our research and education ambitions.

Our Digital Plan addresses five core goals:

  1. Create a world-class digital experience for students that aligns with the behaviours and preferences of this digital generation.
  2. Create a campus experience that is world renowned for our innovative use of digital technology.
  3. Enhance our digital technologies to optimise and transform Imperial's core operational functions to deliver operational efficacy and efficiency.
  4. Build a data culture that maximises the value and impact of our data based upon a robust resource of readily accessible research and enterprise data.
  5. Foster partnerships between our world-leading researchers and external organisations to drive innovation, mature our digital capabilities and be ready to embrace future disruptions to existing business models in Higher Education.

Cross cutting themes throughout our Digital Plan include sustainability, accessibility and cyber security.