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Realising our digital ambitions

​The College has amazing ambitions, with many of Imperial’s strategies extensively referring to digital goals. These include interactive teaching techniques with cutting-edge online and digital technology, and for research to embrace the possibilities of data. These ambitions lean on ICT enablers.​

During the Covid pandemic ICT came together with the College to raise ambitions and moved staff and students online successfully. ​ ICT aims to continue to build on these successes and in partnership with the College, drive digital maturity and deliver transformative work in 6 priority areas and their respective enablers:

  1. The student journey
  2. Education
  3. Research
  4. Service and support
  5. Cyber security
  6. ICT workforce.

Optimisation in these areas will enable College strategies, and contribute to enhanced agility and resilience for; enrolment, retention, and employment. For operational efficiency to include; innovation and cost-reductions, with a one-off investment anticipated to result in annual run cost savings for the College.

Our priorities are supported by 6 strategic pillars which are underpinned by ICT that 'just works':

Strategic Pillars

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A seamless, digital student journey

A seamless, digital student journey from Outreach to Alumni​.

  • ​A world-class digital experience for students that aligns with the native digital behaviours expected​.
  • Delivering interactions and contents in all modes including remote, hybrid and mixed reality​.
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The best tools and systems

The best tools and systems to facilitate world class teaching and learning.

  • Interactive learning environments to optimise the experience​.
  • Secure, reliable online learning platforms to support learning from any location​.
  • Students benefit from evidence- based teaching and learning​.
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Robust and reliable technology

Robust and reliable technology and infrastructure underpinning renowned research​.

  • Modern High Performance Computing Platform and secure research data platform meeting the demands of world leading research​.
  • Secure data and IP developed by researchers with simple secure access regardless of location.

Underpinned by ICT that “just works”

Delighted customers

Delighted customers placed at the heart of the services and support delivered by ICT.

A world-class experience across the College​.

​Digital services being naturally interwoven into day-to-day activities of users and intuitive to use​.

​Self service options available first, with reliable, understanding and fast support easily accessed.


Confidence in cyber security

Access to College resources from anywhere, at anytime with confidence in cyber security.

Modern security solutions by design that can seamlessly protect all our systems by default whilst providing a consistent user-friendly experience irrespective of location or access mechanism.​

​Proactive systems monitoring that identify malicious activity and take action.

The best technology talent

The best technology talent working innovatively, collaboratively, and creatively in line with a world class institution.

A culture prioritising customer focus and outcomes​.

Staff trained for the up-to-date skillsets they need in a constantly evolving environment​.

Working with industry to ensure we have access to cutting-edge technology.

We are engaging with the wider College on further shaping ICT’s 5-year business plan.

What do you think?

Our strategy is built around enabling our colleagues achieve their mission and objectives, so I hope that you are excited about our digital ambitions for the College.

Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think of the ICT Strategy and how it aligns with your ambitions in this short survey: