To best support the College, ICT’s efforts need to be aligned with the College strategies, fully understanding needs and requirements.​

Striving for a more effective customer-driven engagement, ICT moved to a product-focused delivery model in 2020. This has proven effective during the Covid-19 response and was applauded when Imperial was awarded the Times’ University of the Year 2022. ​

ICT continues to refine what we do and, in the summer of 2021, organised a series of Tech Days to identify key priorities for Technology Themes supporting the College. ​

Large scale digital transformation is required in the coming years to enable College strategies that lean on digital capabilities. There are exciting, futuristic opportunities in the digital space, as well as fundamentals that need to be enabled.


  • Meet changing expectations about the learning experience on-site and on-line  ​
  • Become more agile as an organisation, and more resilient to external events like the pandemic ​
  • Increase consumption of SaaS services and automation to enable focus on digital innovation
  • Enhance enrolment, retention, and employment; operational efficiency; innovation; and cost-reductions​

Read more about our mission, vision and customer charter.

Business value

  • Deliver on the College’s Ambitions and student and staff expectations through technology enablers for a future-ready, innovative institution​
  • Maintain competitiveness through embedding cutting-edge, emerging technology for great customer-experience, whilst generating new revenue opportunities
  • Minimise and mitigate Imperial Colleges’ technology risks and operational challenges through modernisation​
  • Maximise cost effectiveness and reduce cost sprawl and total cost of ownership for solutions across Imperial College​
  • Improve agility and pace of delivery cycles of ICT products and services

 Working to enable digital growth across the College

  • Working collaboratively across the College to facilitate digital growth; capitalising on digital technology investments to enable goals and ambitions.
  • ICT needs to form part of the fabric of the College decision making process on technology requirements and adoption.
  • A joined-up and funded plan to transform student and staff experiences across the College is required.
  • A workforce trained in modern technology and working in partnership with industry leaders.
  • Maximising the value from investment in technology to enable the College achieve its ambitions.