5 year roadmap

Current State

Preparation for digital journey:
Creating a shared understanding of requirements, priorities and dependencies of stakeholders.

Interim State

Transition and technical debt focus:
Preparing the infrastructure to enable the ‘new world’; updating and modernising the estate.

Target State

Focus is on the future of transforming the student and staff experience to realise the College’s ambitions.

Working towards Service Excellence

Future vision of service excellence

The target state will be achieved by the end of the five years and will achieve our ambitions of:

  • A customer centric design approach
  • Digital and online innovations that enhance interactive teaching and overall student experience
  • World class research computing performance and standards
  • A people first culture
  • Highly engaged, digitally enabled high performing teams
  • Highly available and cost- effective services
  • ICT services alignment and transparency to customers

Immediate priorities

To improve the current state, we will in the next 12 months:

Cyber security

  • Define secure by design principles
  • Identify where College data is held
  • Create office of the CISO
  • Create risk management framework
  • Raise cyber security awareness and embed a CS culture College-wide
  • Define data governance policies

Student Experience (Student Lifecycle and experience)


  • Develop an integrated student portal
  • Consolidate and develop best of breed T&L Software
  • Application modernisation including apps such as E-Halls
  • Provide a consistent AV experience that considers make-up and set-up of spaces

Research Computing Services (RCS)

  • RCS integration with ICT management and operations
  • Engagement and outreach to research academic leadership
  • Define research computing FAIR data strategy (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability data)
  • Implement a production level High Performance Computing (HPC) platform and support

People and Talent

  • Embed, adopt and support College values in ICT
  • Improved approach to recruitment to attract the right talent
  • Develop a talent pipeline and apprenticeship programme
  • People and process transformation covering Learning and development (L&D) culture, innovation, ways of working

Supporting services

  • Cloud migration platform readiness
  • Create cloud landing zone
  • Develop Azure virtual desktop and labs
  • Develop College wide centrally managed CRM
  • Refresh technology and tech debt
  • Make low-code platform available

Customer Services

  • Process review and modification
  • Create a chief customer excellent/chief design role

Interim state

We will transition over the next 12-36 months to:

Cyber security

  • Implement asset lifecycle management
  • Real time protection and vulnerability scanning
  • Secure seamless user access to all systems and resources

Student Experience (Student Lifecycle and experience)

  • Implement a student 'all in one' app
  • Create an innovation hub to support use of tech for teaching and learning
  • Implement end to end student lifecycle admin solution

Research Computing Services (RCS)

  • Strategy for water cooled datacentre HPC
  • Hybrid High Performing Computer platform and support
  • Create research software engineering centre of excellence

People and Talent

  • Embed culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Supporting services

  • Develop enterprise integration platform
  • Develop a centrally managed data platform
  • 5G and WIFI refresh to facilitate smart campus

Customer Services

  • Implement omni-channel support channels
  • Implement additional ServiceNow features to improve processes
  • Implement self service capability

Read our full 5 year roadmap and ICT strategy (PDF).

Last updated 16 November 2021