The Transformation Office oversees the strategic direction, governing practices, change and communication activities supporting transformational processes, information insights, systems and services.

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer, Juan Villamil, leads the Transformation Office.


The Transformation Office is split into four areas: Enterprise Architecture, Information Insights, Transformation Communications and Governance. The team plans initiatives to help bring about change across College, providing fresh input to the creation of new capability and capacity for digital services.

Process Architecture

Sue Flockhart

The development, curation and governance of the College’s business Process Architecture is the responsibility of the Business Process Authority (BPA), Sue Flockhart.  As custodian of the Business Process Management System (BPMS), the BPA defines the framework and standards by which business processes are discovered, analysed and mapped within the College.  More information about the College’s Process Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture

Recruitment is underway for a Head of Enterprise Architecture.

Okan Kibaroglu, Head of Governance


Okan Kibaroglu, the Head of Governance, establishes and oversees Imperial's approach to the use of Information and IT, including strategic planning for IT in line with the College strategy. He ensures that the benefits, opportunities, costs and risk of ICT acquisitions are appropriately balanced and that the provision of IT services, levels of service and service quality meet current and future business requirements. Okan also ensures that policies and practices conform to mandatory legislation and regulations.

Before taking up this post in February 2015, Okan was the IT Production Services Manager and Acting Head of Customer Services for Information and Communication Technologies. Okan has worked at Imperial since 2005.

Information Insight

The Head of Information and Relationship Management, Josie Lewis-Gibbs, provides specialist oversight, informs governance and sets the quality standards of College-wide information management, data analysis and interpretation. She is the head of a centre of excellence for management information, business intelligence and predictive analytics and leads on the development of capability. Josie also supports and advises on the identification of key measures of success and business transformation activities across College, including College’s efficiency and effectiveness agenda.

Josie joined the Transformation Office from the College’s Strategic Planning Division in February 2014, where she was Programme Director for the College’s REF2014 submission and led on Research policy and analysis.

Transformation Communications

The Head of Transformation Communications, Anna Brosnan, implements communications to drive organisational change necessitated by the introduction of new systems, services, processes and behaviours. Anna is responsible for creating, developing and delivering the overall communications and marketing strategy for engagement with Transformation Office and ICT customers.