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We adopt a partnering approach working with process owners, subject matter experts and other key stakeholders.

We work with process owners to design the future-state, define the initiatives and shape the outcomes we want to achieve.

We identify and evaluate which capabilities are required to execute the strategic initiatives and maximise the use of digital investments to deliver desired outcomes.

Future State Roadmaps
We produce consolidated future-state roadmaps demonstrating strategic alignment and cross-programme dependencies

Solution Blueprints
We co-create and prioritise solution blueprints in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Business Case
Project Managers define the business case, project and resource plan to justify the project.  The Transformation Investment Board (TIB) prioritises agrees funding source and approval to proceed

Organisational Readiness
Change Managers ensure organisational readiness to receive the change.

Benefits Realisation and Continuous Improvement
Trained practitioners measure the impact and realisation of benefits across the institution.