This Charter is a set of three promises that outline what our customers can expect from ICT support services and what we strive to deliver.

We recognise you require high standards. We are here to make IT work for you, when you need it and in a way that suits you. To make this happen, we’re asking our staff to focus on these three key promises and deliver on them every time you engage with us. 

What you should expect from us

What you can expect from ICT

Quick and easy access

We will:

  • provide you with useful information on our Self service webpages, including step-by-step guidance and answers to common queries;
  • aim to answer calls to the ICT Service Desk within ten rings during ICT Service Desk opening hours;
  • pass emails sent to the ICT Service Desk to the appropriate support team within one working day. Contacting us via our Self service webpages, is often quicker;
  • provide out of hours support for any College-critical issues.

Exceptional service

We will:

  • aim to complete at least 90% of requests within 5 working days;
  • aim to provide an outstanding level of service, so you can continue teaching, learning, researching or supporting the College;
  • put you at the centre of everything we do, from supporting existing services to developing new ones and continually challenging ourselves to improve your interaction with technology;
  • provide remote support by connecting to your computer. We will always alert you before we view your screen and we can schedule a time that is convenient for you;
  • protect your data by providing you with security and software updates on a regular basis, using a remote connection to your computer. We do not view what is on your computer when undertaking this work.

Clear and timely communication

We will: 

  • keep in touch in a way that suits you (telephone, in-person or email);
  • keep you updated. We will always tell you what will happen next and by when;
  • ensure that we contact you within two working days, whether we have managed to resolve your request or not;
  • call you back as agreed, at a mutually convenient time;
  • contact you by telephone for anything urgent, if we have your number;
  • communicate with you using jargon-free plain English;
  • provide you with ICT-related news on Twitter during office hours;
  • listen to your feedback when we have met your expectations and when we have not.

How you can help us

You can help us meet our aims by:

  • working with us as partners and treating us with courtesy, dignity and respect;
  • providing us with the information we need to help you and in a timely manner;
  • asking us to explain if you are unsure of what we are saying;
  • contacting us by telephone or via ASK ICT, our online help system, for the quickest response. See Contact the ICT Service Desk for details;
  • using our specialised online forms, tailored to gather the right information and direct your requests straight to the appropriate team;
  • using the ICT Service Desk as your main point of contact when using the telephone or sending us an email;
  • being aware of and abiding by the Information Security Policy
  • giving us feedback. Let us know what you think and help us to improve in all areas, including our website, customer support and the services and facilities that we provide and maintain.