Staff and students are responsible for the security of their personal information and devices and all College information, devices, systems and networks they access, share or use.

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  Information Security Policies icon Adhere to College policy on the use of IT facilities by respecting equipment, access privileges and copyright laws.

Do not ignore College policy! Violations can result in network bans, expulsion or fines.

  Passwords icon Use strong PIN/passwords and keep them safe. Do not share your password with anyone (even ICT) or use passwords that are easy to crack.
Protect computers and devices icon    Apply security measures to ALL computers and devices (e.g. password protection and up-to-date security software). Do not put your computers or devices at risk by leaving them unattended, logged in or unlocked.
  Protect sensitive data icon Use College's recommended file storage to save information (e.g. H: drive, group sapce, OneDrive for Business). Do not rely on removable media (such as USB drives) to store information you can't afford to lose.
  Encrypt sensitive data Use encryption to protect personal or sensitive information before storing or sharing.  Do not use email to send sensitive information.
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