Check pre-requirements – our suggested method is to use the Microsoft Authenticator App as your secondary factor, you can download it from your app store by searching for “Microsoft Authenticator”

1. From a College owned PC on site, logon to and you will be prompted to choose Set it up now

Set it up now2. Choose the method of contact that best suits your needs.  If using the Microsoft Authenticator app (preferred) you can select this here, it defaults to phone (SMS or Phone call) but from the drop-down list select -> Mobile App

additional security verification

3. Select Receive notifications for verification

4 . Select Set up

5. A new window will open with Configure mobile app and will show a QR code on it.

configure mobile6. Open the authenticator App on your phone

7. Click Add account.

add account

8. The camera app on your phone will open, point it at your monitor take a picture of the QR code. Once complete a window like this will appear.


9. Your account has now been setup for Multi-Factor Authentication.

10. Recommend that you logout or reboot your computer to finalise the setup.

11. If you are using the Outlook app to read your email then this should now work and nothing else is required. If however you are using another app such as the Gmail app or a native app then you will need to configure an app password. Please see the following for more information on how to configure app passwords.