Do not share your password with anyone 

Secure and strong passwords Do not share your password with anyone, not even a member of staff. ICT will never ask anyone to reveal a password and neither should any other Imperial College London staff member. If you believe that your account has been compromised, change your password immediately and contact the ICT Security team via the ICT Service DeskDo not access systems that you have not been authorised to use and do not use other people's accounts.

Weak passwords are easy to break

To create a strong password, follow these guidelines:

  • Make your password long - more than eight characters.
  • Make it unique. Do not choose details someone might know or be able to find out about you, like your name or birthdate.
  • Mix UPPER and lower case letter with numbers and symbols.
  • Use different passwords for different websites or systems.
  • Avoid using strings of characters such as 12345, qwerty, abcde or aaaaa etc.
  • Change your password regularly and do not recycle it.

We are aware that some of our services have issues when specific characters are used in passwords - if you are having problems logging into a specific service and you are sure your password is correct, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Use a phrase

A good technique for creating a password is to choose a memorable phrase rather than a word. Once you have the phrase, mix it up with capital, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, such as punctuation marks.

An example:

"Thanks for the memories"

Do not feel constrained by phrases that contain no numbers or special characters:


This password contains uppercase, lowercase and more than one number/special character. It is also longer than eight characters, so this password meets College requirements.

Choosing a phrase yourself will make your password easier to remember.


Read College's code of practice about passwords: COP 12 - College passwords.

Password generators

You might also find using the Password Generator - Norton Identity Safe useful.