• All licences must be purchased via College payment process
  • Complete a CHEST Licence form
  • Valid for College-owned and personal machines for as long as the user remains at Imperial College London
  • Use includes teaching, research, personal educational development, College administration, and development work associated with all the foregoing
  • Restricted to members of Imperial College London only

Departmental or Group terms can be obtained by negotiation with the CHEST Site: raise a generic request on ASK and state your requirements specifically.

CHEST Prices are available on request: raise a generic request on ASK and state your enquiry.

  • The prices quoted here are set by ICT so that sufficient funding is raised to cover the annual amounts owed to CHEST
  • The stated finish date applies to the agreement currently in place and is the date until which availability of the product is guaranteed
  • Should an agreement not be renewed, use of the software beyond the finish date would be illegal in all cases
  • For purposes of CHEST site licences, the site comprises all the Imperial College campuses
  • The annual fee pays for any upgrades released during the year but does not pay for media that might be needed to install the software. Media charges are £5 as required
  • For more detail read the CHEST Code of Conduct (Using IT software licences) for the use of software and datasets

See 'How do I order software?' at the top of our Frequently Asked Questions list for information about how to obtain this product.