All College machines are set-up to be efficient and save power whilst not in use, with auto-sleep settings on public and staff computers. When not in use, staff computers should be put into Sleep mode, or ‘Shut Down’ overnight and during weekends and holidays to further reduce College’s carbon footprint. Find out more about ICT's power-saving initiatives at: 

Remote access

If you are connecting remotely via Remote Desktop Gateway you can turn your PC back on using the Wake My PC facility. Alternatively, staff and students can access services like ICIS, email, your home drive and more via VPN connection.

Find out more at:


In some instances, staff may need to temporarily disable their computer's power-saving settings in order to run complex/specialist functions and programs over longer periods. You must specify a robust reason, such as needing a PC to run over long periods to conduct experminents, for example. Opting out will only apply to the PC you are using. To opt out of power saving, enter your details at Power Saving registration (Open in internet Explorer).

Please be aware that opting out means that up to half a tonne of additional CO2 is released into the atmosphere every year, so as soon as you're able to opt back in please do.

To opt back in, simply visit Power Saving registration (Open in Internet Explorer) again. The option to Opt back in will be available for you to select.