Love your device

As of January 10 2023, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 under extended support. College laptops and desktops which are on Windows 7 will not be supported by Microsoft, or by College ICT, after 2022. Running an out-of-date operating system makes your device far more susceptible to data breaches and virus attacks, putting both yourself and the College's data at risk. You can read more about this on our Be Secure web pages

ICT wants to work with staff and students at the College to ensure that devices running Windows 7 are either upgraded or replaced quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

What ICT will do

We will contact you if we believe you are using a device that is still running Windows 7. If your device is over five years old, it will be replaced at no cost to yourself or your department, with a standard build deviceYou can also make a request in ASK to upgrade or update your device. 

We are aiming to move most staff members onto laptops to enable more flexible working, however, we understand that some staff members may still require a desktop for their work.

We aim to replace your device or complete your upgrade to Windows 10, at a time convenient to you. 

How you can prepare

You can prepare by:

  • Saving all your files to OneDrive for Business.
  • Taking note of any specialist software and equipment connected to your device.
  • Telling us the location of your device (especially if it is in a lab).
  • Informing us of any time constraints you face.


What are Supported/Unsupported Devices?

‘Unsupported’ devices are those where our College approved vendor, HP, has ceased support on the version of the operating system we are targeting – Windows 10 20H2, which currently has an end-of-life date of 9 May 2023.

When does a device qualify for the upgrade?

If your device is on Windows 7, and is still within support of HP, we will upgrade the operating system to Windows 10. If your device is on Windows 7 and no longer supported by HP, we will replace the device. Please refer to HP's support matrix for more information. 

Can I get a docking station for my laptop?

We intend on providing docks with each laptop, however, due to current hardware constraints we are unable to do so. We currently have a small selection of cables and dongles in stock and can provide these to get users working with their existing setups. When docks are in stock, they will be supplied where needed (including retroactively).

Can I get a monitor for my laptop?

We will not be providing monitors. Please contact the Service Desk if you require a monitor or any other IT equipment.

When will you replace lab equipment?

We will initially focus on replacing standard build devices. We understand the complexities involved in replacing devices that are connected to lab equipment (such as undesired downtime of critical equipment, vendor engineers needing to be present etc.) and for this reason, will defer replacing such devices until mid-2022. This has the added benefit of allowing the project team to further develop their skills before tackling more challenging devices. 

For lab/specialist devices in which an upgrade to Windows 10 is not possible, we would:

  • Look to see if the device needs to be on the network at all.
  • Look to see if the device can be operated using a “bridging” computer.
  • On a case by case basis, look to see if a software upgrade would provide the solution.