• To download and install your free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your personal machine or device, read . See below for information on reading emails offline.

To set up Microsoft Outlook 2013/16 to check your Office 365 email account, follow these steps:

1. Open Outlook 2013/16. You will be presented with the Welcome screen.
2. Click Next to continue to the Account Setup Wizard.
3. Select Yes to set up an email account and click Next.
4. Enter your name, your full email address (e.g. j.bloggs12@imperial.ac.uk) and your College password.

Enter email address and password

5. Click Next and wait for Outlook to be configured.
6. Click Finish to complete.

7. Enter your College username (in the format username@ic.ac.uk) and your password to allow Outlook to complete the setup process, if prompted.

Outlook 2013/16 is now configured to connect to your Office 365 mailbox.

Opening Outlook 

When you open Outlook, you will be prompted for your username and password. Enter yourusername@ic.ac.uk, e.g. jb12@ic.ac.uk. (This is not your e-mail address.)

Read email offline

The majority of email clients keep a local copy of your emails, but if you are using Microsoft Outlook on Windows, you can set up Cached Exchange Mode. Setting up Cached Exchange Mode allows you to:

  • access existing email;
  • compose emails offline and send them when online;
  • stop downloading emails if you are on a limited mobile data contract.


To set up Cached Exchange Mode, follow these steps:

1. Open Outlook, click on the File tab and choose the Account Settings button.
2. Select your Office 365 account and press the Change button.
3. Tick the Use Cached Exchange Mode box and move the slider to choose how much mail to keep offline. If it is already ticked, this feature is already enabled.

Screenshot of the Use Cached Exchange Mode tick box to illustrate Step Three

4. Click Next and Finish to complete the process.