Stay connected and productive with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, people and tasks. With Office 365 you can use Outlook on the web, meaning you can access your emails anywhere at anytime. 

Features and benefits

  • 100GB mailbox quota 
  • Find emails easily with Outlook online using the 'search, mail and people' feature. Type in a colleague or fellow students name and you will be able to see all email exchanges between you and that person. You can even filter your search by date and select an option to filter all emails with an attachment. 

Instructions for setting up Microsoft Outlook

Have you installed Office on your desktop, Laptop, mobile or tablet? Use the links below for instructions on how to setup Outlook on a number of different devices. 

NOTE: From 20 November 2018 ICT will be enabling a feature that requires all mobile devices that are used to access College emails to be protected with either a pin password or biometric recognition, such as fingerprint or face recognition. This is to protect College data that is stored on portable devices and applies to all devices, whether College or personally owned. If you fail to sufficiently protect your portable device you will not be able to access College emails from said device. For more information read our Information Security Policy. 

Warning on the use of email

Email is never the place for confidential information. While it is easy to send the wrong information, it is hard to retrieve it afterwards. Your responsibility for adequate data management includes the type of storage you use for emails and information.