1. Login to the Office 365 portal using your College account (username@ic.ac.uk) and College password.
  2. Select the Outlook Mail app from the homepage 
  3. At the bottom left of the folders pane select the people icon
  4. At the top of the left-hand navigation where it says New contact, click the drop-down arrow and select New group
  5. You’ll be prompted to name your new group, give a brief description and to choose whether you would like to the group to be Public or Private. Once finished, click Create. 

Standard Group - a shared space for team collaboration. Standard Groups have the option to be set up as open to all (set as ‘public’ by default) or can be made exclusive, private and restricted.

Professional Learning Community - a shared space for educators in a community of practice A Professional Learning Community (PLC) group has group privacy set to Private by default and includes OneNote Notebook templates to meet the needs of educators when the Notebook is configured.

The 'Standard Group' option should suit the needs of most Group owners.

Fill in the form

Group name 

When creating a group through the People app, a prefix of ‘365-‘ is automatically added to the group name and mail address. This is automatically added for security purposes to prevent potential spoofing of important accounts. In time prefixes will be added through all Group and Team creation routes.

  • Where relevant, include the lead department within the title, for example … 365-ICT-Office365

  • Avoid a name or word which might mislead or cause offence, for example avoid any title which gives a false or ambiguous idea of, or misrepresents, the group. Bullying or defamatory terms, or the use of an individual’s name without their explicit permission contravene the Guidelines for use for IT facilities as outlined above.
Description  Include a description about the Group and its purpose
Privacy  In a public Group, any validated College user can join and see the content. If a group is private, only invited members can see exclusive content. To join a private Group a user must either be added by an owner or request to join and have that request accepted by the group owner/administrator. Groups can be changed between public and private in settings.
Language language for group related notifications 
Summary of the table's contents

It's useful to set up more than one owner/administrator to ensure continuity of service. If an owner leaves, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Groups may contain up to 1,000 members, although for best performance the recommended number is 250 or fewer. Although traditional Outlook Distribution Lists appear when you search for College members to add, these can't be added to Groups, Members must be added individually. This is a security feature to ensure accurate permissions. 

It is possible to include people external to Imperial College by adding a non-Imperial email address.  You are reminded to consider the privacy and content of any shared data held within the group and the potential exposure for College. External members will receive conversations directly to their personal mailbox and will gain access to the file storage area.  They will either need to use an Office 365 account for their company or institution or have a Microsoft Account (outlook.com, Hotmail.com, etc) to log in and be authenticated for access.

Subscribe new members to Group conversations via email
Due to the variety of email applications used, it's recommended that you select the option to subscribe users to receive group conversations via email.  All members will receive conversations irrespective of whether their application supports Office 365 Groups.