College staff require the desktop client to access Skype for Business which is installed as part of Office 2013 & 2016. To check if you have Skype for Business installed on your machine click on the “Windows” icon in the taskbar and search for “Skype”.

To sign in to Skype for Business your username should be entered in the format IC\username along with your College email address (eg.

If you do not have Skype for Business installed please submit a Service Desk Request and ICT will install it for you.

To install Skype for Business on a non-College machine (eg. your PC at home), please follow the relevant instructions in the links below:

Skype for Business can also be installed on smartphones and tablets by following the appropriate guide for your operating system:

The Skype for Business service for students is provided as part of Office 365 and can be accessed by logging into the Imperial College Office 365 portal, login using