ICT provides a remote access for Windows users through the remote desktop gateway (RDG), which is used by many members of Imperial College to connect to their college systems when they are working offsite. The SSH Gateway service allows external users to be able to connect to their internal SSH systems (typically Linux servers) from remote locations via SSH . This allows SSH connections to general access systems/servers but not to our key secure services such as ICIS or OSS.

Technical Details:

  • Users of this service will need to have an Imperial College user account.
  • Users will need to have an SSH client to connect to this service. This is inbuilt in Linux and Mac OS. Windows users will need to download Putty or another SSH v2 client.
  • To access this service place a request via the ICT Service Desk.
  • Users will need to connect to the following location:
  • Users will connect with the following: ssh <username> For example: ssh
  • The host key fingerprint for this is  
    • Mac  SHA256:36erZyy3SBSr0L3adNwJlLNtC6xKtQecEKhMfx3yyTU.
    • Linux: 9c:15:97:fd:71:80:1a:ae:fd:6b:1d:1e:f2:b7:89:a6

 Technical information:

  • SSH Forwarding is not enabled
  • Generic access only to internal low-risk systems.
  • Auditing of user access is enabled.
  • Very restricted local writes on this service (which are monitored).