Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the College has opened up 2000 PCs (in spaces such as the library and computer labs) for remote access via the Remote Desktop Gateway for students.

  • Need access to software or resources only hosted by the College
  • Are using a personal PC that is not powerful enough to run the software
  • Use a Mac and need to use Windows software        

Please noteICT may change/adjust access as this service evolves which may mean this service is no longer available in your country

If you fit the above criteria, follow the below instructions.


Mac Users: You need a remote desktop client before you begin – such as Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 for Mac.

  1. From a browser window, visit https://remoteaccess.labstats.com/imperial-college-london
  2. Find an available machine in a room of your choice and click Connect
  3. Click Download to obtain the connection file and open this file once downloaded.
  4. When presented with a dialog box, click Connect
  5. When presented with a login window, login with either IC\username or username@ic.ac.uk and password. For example, Joe Bloggs would be IC\jbloggs or jbloggs@imperial.ac.uk
  6. Your computer should now connect the desired machine.


Screen resolution

Sometimes, the screen resolution of the connection may not be suitable for your device, but you can alter the settings in the Remote Desktop application to fix this:


  1. Start the remote session with the device.
  2. If full screen, click the Restore Down button that appears in the top middle-right of the remote desktop taskbar. 
  3. Right-click along the top of the remote desktop windows.
  4. Check Smart Sizing.

Mac (Microsoft Remote Desktop 10)

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. Download connection file from the portal, but do not open it.
  3. From within Microsoft Remote Desktop, go to Edit and then Import from RDP File.
  4. When the connection appears in the users list, hover over it and click edit (the little pencil icon).
  5. From within the settings, click Display and check the box Fit session to window then Save.
  6. Double click the computer session and log in as normal.


Using Remote Desktop Gateway is reliant on a stable internet connection. Poor internet connection will result in a poor connection when remoting into one of the College machines.