There are several in-house and cloud-based file storage options available to you depending on your requirements. 

We recommend specific storage options to you based on these criteria:

  • The type of data or files you intend to store
  • Who you want to have access to your data or files.

It's College policy to protect sensitive data, so it's important that you store your information in the right place. The chart below will help you determine which type of storage is best suited to your needs

File storage comparison grid

Find out more using the links below:

Sharing and collaboration

Imperial also offers several sharing and collaboration tools, where you can share files easily with others.  Find out more on the sharing and collaboration pages


  • We do not recommend that you use other cloud-based storage options (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, your personal OneDrive). If you do use them, you need to encrypt the files using a product like nCrypted Cloud.
  • Do not use local (C:) drives for College business. You can synchronise the contents of your H: drive and your OneDrive for Business with your machines and devices to access them offline.
  • USB drives and external hard drives must be encrypted. Please make sure you have other copies.