The File Exchange is a service that makes it easy for you to move files, including large files of up to 2GB, in and out of College. If you are a member of College, you can login with your College username and password and send files to anyone, whether they have an Imperial account or not.

If you are not a College member, you cannot login but you can send files to people at Imperial if you know their email addresses.

Files are automatically deleted from the File Exchange after 14 days, so you do not need to clean up the system manually.

Why use the File Exchange?

Sending large files or attachments by email can be problematic. Many email services have a limit on the size of the file that can be sent or received, often between 5MB and 25MB. If this limit is breached, recipients may not receive attachments you send. The File Exchange email system allows outgoing and incoming attachments of up to 2GB.

If you need to send files larger than 2GB on a regular basis, contact the ICT Service Desk to discuss alternative options.


Drop-off files

To drop-off files, follow these steps:

  1. Go to File Exchange.
  2. Click Login (if you are a College member) or Drop-off (if you are not a College member).
  3. Click Drop-off.
  4. Do not change anything on the page entitled Information about the Sender and click Next.
  5. Ensure the Send email to recipients box is ticked.
  6. Click the green plus (+) under the heading To.
  7. Type the name of the person you are sending the file to in the Name field and his or her email address in the Email field. Add as many recipients as required.
  8. Click Add recipient.
  9. Type a short note to the recipients to describe the file you are sending and any additional information.
  10. Click Choose File to browse your computer and select a file (maximum file size is 2GB).
  11. Click Drop-off files.
  12. Click Logout.

Pick-up files

As the file recipient, you will receive an email notifying you that a file has been dropped-off. This email will include a Claim ID and a Claim Passcode.

To pick-up files, follow these steps:

  1. Go to File Exchange.
  2. Click Login (if you are a College member) or Pick-up (if you are not a College member).
  3. Click Pick-up.
  4. Enter the Claim ID and Claim Passcode that was sent to you in your notification email.
  5. Download the files.
  6. Click Logout.

If you wish to share sensitive information, a further layer protection needs to be added to ensure the data isn't intercepted.  The easiest method is to encrypt the file with 7-Zip and then to call the intended recepient with the password. 7-Zip should be preinstalled on all College-owned Windows desktop machines and is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. 7-Zip does rely on a decryption key to encrypt and decrypt files. For more Encryption options, visit: Encrypt sensitive information