The Intercall service will be retired in 2021, any new audio conferencing accounts will be provisioned in Microsoft Teams, please complete this form to request a Teams audio conferencing license.


You can set up a dial-in conference call using Intercall Reservationless-Plus if you have an Intercall Conferencing Account. To request an account, contact your Telecoms Representative up to four working days in advance of the call. The maximum number of participants for an Intercall conference call is 125.

Setting up the conference call

Account details

Once your Intercall Reservationless-Plus Conferencing Account set-up has been successful, you will be sent an email containing the account details you need to make dial-in conference calls.
Intercall accounts are valid indefinitely, so you can use this service whenever you want to hold a conference call. Once you have an account, no further booking is required. 

Information for your participants

Give the following information to your participants when setting up a conference call:

  • the date and time they need to join the call;
  • your Intercall dial-in number, which you will find on the email that was sent to you with your account information;
  • the conference code from the same email.

You can either send this information as part of a standard Microsoft Outlook meeting invitation or you can use the Intercall Reservationless-Plus scheduler by logging in to your account.


Calling either the 0203 or the 0330 dial-in number from a College telephone is free of charge. There is no need to dial the toll-free number.

The Intercall Reservationless-Plus website has FAQ and resources to help you manage your conference calls.