Setting up a dial-out conference call

To make a dial-out conference call from an Imperial College London telephone for up to eight participants (including you), follow the conference call instructions on the user guide for your telephone.


When setting up your conference call you will only be able to dial telephone numbers you are normally able to dial. For example, if you are only allowed to call telephone numbers in this country, you will not be able to include a person based in the USA on your dial-out conference call. See Call permissions


  • You will be charged for all of the external calls that formed your dial-out conference call.
  • Charges will appear as normal on Call Logger printouts. These printouts are produced on a monthly basis in arrears and are sent electronically to your department's Telecoms Billing public folder.
  • If you drop out of the call before the end, the remaining parties can continue on without you but the first internal number you dialled will take over the call charges.
  • If there are no internal participants left on a call, it will terminate.