Make calls from Halls of Residence

Most student bedrooms in Halls have a College-provided telephone with an extension number from which you can make and receive calls completely free of charge.

Your extension number is a 5-digit number beginning with 2 eg. 23456. Other College phone users can call you simply by dialling your extension number. External callers can contact you by dialling your full external number which is 020 7852 xxxx eg. 020 7852 3456.

To make internal calls to other College extensions dial the corresponding 5-digit number.

To make external calls you will need to prefix the telephone number with a 9 for an outside line.

If your Halls of Residence does not have College supplied telephones, then you will need to seek local advice.

Calls you can make free of charge

  •     Other College extensions
  •     Local and national numbers (beginning with 01 & 02)
  •     UK mobiles (beginning with 07 but excluding 070 & 076)
  •     Free non-geo numbers (beginning with 0500, 0800 & 0808)
  •     Inclusive non-geo numbers (beginning with 03)

 Making chargeable calls

To make other, chargeable calls from your Hall of Residence telephone such as international calls you will require a phone card.

There are a number of phone cards available which offer cheap calls to different destinations. As long as your phone card has an access number that you can dial free of charge (such as 0800 or 020) then it will be compatible with your halls telephone.

We recommend the phone card provided by the Post Office.