How do I set up my mailbox?

Dial 91750 from your staff mobile and this will set up your mailbox automatically.

How do I check my voicemail?

Dial 901 from your College mobile and follow the instructions to listen, save and delete messages.

How do I use my O2 voicemail abroad?

Before you leave the UK, activate your voicemail for use abroad. To do this you will need to know your mailbox number. To find out your mailbox number dial 07802 090100 and the automated system will give you your mailbox number. Write it down so that you can programme it into your mobile.

Follow these steps to access your voicemail abroad:

  1. Dial the mailbox number that you found out prior to going overseas.
  2. Interrupt the greeting by pressing the asterisk button (*).
  3. Enter the voicemail PIN 8705 (this is the default PIN).
  4. Press 2 to listen to your messages.