Call forwarding allows you to send telephone calls that would normally go to your College telephone to another destination temporarily.

Where can I forward my calls to?

Where you can forward your calls is limited by the restrictions placed on the extension assigned to you. This is referred to as Class of Service (CoS) and you can find out what CoS has been applied to your phone by checking Call permissions

All telephones are set up to allow the forwarding of calls to another internal telephone. Read Set up call forwarding

To set up call forwarding to an external telephone number, contact your Telecoms Representative.

Does call forwarding cost anything?

Costs incurred during a call are charged to the extension that has been forwarded. For example, if you forward your calls to a telephone number in the USA and somebody calls your telephone number from Imperial, the internal caller wouldn't be charged but you would be charged for that person's call to the USA.

Can I forward my calls to my College mobile?

Yes, you can. You can forward your calls to your College mobile using either your Mobex number or the full number of the mobile. However, if you use the number, you will be able to see the telephone numbers of any calls from Imperial telephones. If you use the full number of your College mobile, you will not see the telephone numbers of internal callers.