When you become a College employee your College account is created automatically. Before you can use it, you must activate your College account.

As an employee, your College account gives you access to systems and services. Your line or departmental manager sets this access, and you can contact them if changes are needed.

If you move jobs within the College your username and password will remain the same, but your access may change depending on your new role. It is important to update your details as soon as practical to ensure you have the necessary access for your new role.

Accounts expire at the end of your employment or assignment and usually match the College ID card expiry date. NHS staff accounts expire two years after the last use.

Contractor or Contingent worker (staff)

Contractors and contingent worker accounts are requested by sponsoring members of the College, line managers or supervisors. Depending what level of access is required and how long it is needed, the account may differ from usual College accounts (for example, they may not necessarily have an associated College email address or be able to initiate financial transactions).

Your account will expire at the end of your employment or assignment. For re-hired or returning contractors or contingent workers it is not guaranteed that the College account will have the same login or access as any previously held College accounts.

Role accounts for multiple staff

Role accounts are set up to cover an ongoing role or responsibility carried out by more than one person at a time, or over a period of time. The role account can give multiple people access to a mailbox and allow more than one person to send emails. In the case of successive staff carrying out the role, it allows one person to easily hand over work to another person if they leave.

Role accounts can be requested by authorised departmental contacts. These departmental contacts can request the role accounts via the forms on this page: Requesting the creation of accounts and aliases for email.