RCS governance structure

RCS Leadership Board (Monthly)

  • VPR+CIO in attendance as required. Provide channel for reporting/communication to higher level college committees as required.
  • Chaired by Director of Research Computing – provides formal link to Faculty IT Committees
  • Academic Leadership Team (Directors + Head RCS)
  • Subgroups as required for activities relating to Data, RSE activities, User Engagement(though this is explicitly defined as a regular activity linking into this board)

Technical oversight and assurance

RCS Operations Group (Weekly)

  • Chaired by Head of RCS

Day to day operations management of RCS

RCS Directors Groups: User Engagement, Data, RSE (Determined by respective Director(s)

  • Chaired by respective Director for each identified area – reporting to RCS Leadership Board

RCS Advisory Board (Annual)

Cross college and external representation TBC