Use the below table to compare RDS against of College storage options.

 OneDrive for BusinessBoxH DriveGroup spacesData RespositoryRDS individual spaceRDS project space
Recommended use Individual use. Active document and small data file sharing Group based collaboration documents Legacy Storage of small volumes of research and business data; data that must stay within College Archive of output data for publication Active workspace for users of the College HPC system

Storage of high volumes of active and cool research data;

Data to be processed on HPC systems;

Long term archive of cold data

Standard allowance  5TB for staff and students data transfer limited to 1TB/mo. 8GB None  Unlimited 1TB for HPC users 2TB/research grant
Extra storage Not available Not applicable No Purchaseable in 100GB/3yr increments Not applicable No (unlimited ephemeral storage)

Unlimited, metered storage

(unlimited ephemeral storage)

Data sharing Selectively, by file folder Selectively: Co-owner, collaborator or read-only access None Full Windows access control lists Publically via DOI, with optional embargo password

POSIX file permissions. 

Sharing within individual's research group

POSIX file permissions. 

Single access control list per allocation
Sharing outside of IC members Individuals with a Microsoft account yes, can share to selected individuals or create public links No No Yes No yes with Globus.
Access Web, Windows, Mac Web, Windows,
Windows, Mac Linux, Windows, Mac (CIFS) Web RCS HPC systems,

Linux, Windows 10, Mac (CIFS)

RDS HPC systems, 

Linux, Windows 10, Mac (CIFS)

Accessible outside College network Yes Yes No No Yes yes with Globus. yes with Globus.
Data locality EU US Imperial Imperial EU Imperial + copies within the EU Imperial + copies within EU
Reliability Cloud service Cloud service Backed up for DR Snaspshots backed up for DR  Cloud service Snapshots, second copy at second site Snapshots, second copy at second site
Allocation llifetime Owning individual's College account Data is retained indefinitely but only accessible to the staff member with an active College account. Owning individual's College account 3yrs, renewable Indefinite Owning individual's College account Indefinite, subject to funding
Last updated: January 2019
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