The Research Software Engineering (RSE) service provides software development expertise to research projects across Imperial College. It employs professional developers who specialise in supporting research, producing reliable and performant code whilst meeting funders’ requirements for software sustainability and research reproducibility. Support can be offered via short-term consultancy or long-term partnerships, part-or full-time, and can be costed into grant applications or charged at a daily rate. 

What we offer:

  • Assistance with the planning and management of complex software-driven projects, including technology selection
  • Flexible software design, development and deployment expertise
  • Advice in the preparation of grant applications that include any software component
  • Porting of existing software to HPC platforms, including parallelisation
  • Modernisation or re-architecture of legacy applications
  • Help with preparing existing codebases for publication or commercialisation
  • Code auditing with respect to performance, maintainability or security