The default Python that you will find on our systems is fine for trivial use. For anything demanding, however, you will need a custom Anaconda Python environment into which you can install any packages that you need. To set one of these up, run the commands:

             [login.cx1]$ module load anaconda3/personal
              [login.cx1]$ anaconda – setup

This will install the latest version of the Anaconda Python distribution into your home directory. You'll only need to run 'anaconda-setup' once, but 'module load anaconda3/personal' will be needed every time you want to use this version in preference to the system Python.

Once you have this installed, you can find search for and install additional packages with the "conda" command. For example:

             [login.cx1}$ module load anaconda3/personal
              [login.cx1}$ conda search numpy
              [login.cx1}$ conda install numpy

If you cannot find a package you need try a conventional "pip install". If you meet with any installation problems  raise a support request with us.