We recommend that you use version of R available in Anaconda. To set this up, run the commands:

             [login.cx1}$ module load anaconda3/personal
             [login.cx1}$ anaconda- setup
             [login.cx1}$ conda install r

You'll only need to run 'anaconda-setup' once, but 'module load anaconda3/personal' will be needed every time you want to use R.

 Most CRAN packages are available for installation, with package names prefixed "r-" or "bioconductor-", eg "r-png" or "bioconductor-teq"

You can find search for and install additional packages with the "conda" command. For example:
             [login.cx1}$ module load anaconda3/personal
             [login.cx1}$ conda search bioconductor-•
             [login.cx1}$ conda install bioconductor-teqc

If you cannot find a package you need try a conventional "install.packages()". If you meet with any installation problems  raise a support request with us.