Recommended methods to request support:

  1. For support relating to jobs, problems with submission scripts, applications, and issues with HPC software in general:
    ICT ASK Form - RCS Job Problem or Application Error

  2. For requests to install software in the HPC systems:
    ICT ASK Form - RCS Software Install Request

  3. Consultation requests for the Research Software Engineering Team:
    ICT ASK Form – Research Software Engineering Enquiry

  4. General queries or assistance in cases that do not fit any of the above:

 Do note that any support request directed to the RCS, submitted as generic requests via ICT ASK, will result in additional delays.


Below you have some example scenarios. Please select the most relevant statement below to help us support you as best we can


A job is failing or isn’t running as I expect

Please complete and submit the RCS Job Problem or Application Error form.

I’d like a new software package installed

Please complete the RCS Software install Request form

I’d like to extend the runtime of some jobs

Please login to the HPC service portal for a guide on how to extend runtime.

I’d like to manage my privileged queue

Please login in to the HPC service portal

I’d like to change membership of some groups

Please login to the HPC service portal for a guide on how to change group membership. 

I’d like to increase my quotas

The quota for your HOME directory cannot be increased. If you need more storage please use a Research Data Store project allocation. 

I have another problem with the RCS computers

Please submit an ASK request, specifying that your request relates to Research Computing Service (HPC).