We offer an extensive range of training courses, from Software and Data Carpentry courses that teach core research IT skills, though to specialised courses on programming and applications. Below is a list of upcoming courses. You will also find some general training links and a list of past courses. 

If you have any questions please contact the training coordinator Katerina Michalickova. We also welcome suggestions regarding new training topics.

Upcoming courses

Beginner's Guide to HPC - Oct 22, Nov 19, Dec 15, 2021


The three-hour course provides a hands-on introduction to the HPC systems at the College. It is intended for HPC newbies; we'll start with the very basics of cluster computing. After the introductory part, we'll log in for guided practice. 


  • HPC at Imperial
  • login
  • file transfer
  • module system for available software
  • file management on the clusters
  • queue manager
  • job parameters
  • serial job script
  • input and output files
  • hands-on serial job
  • multiple serial job script
  • hands-on multiple serial job


1. Some knowledge of the Linux command line. You need to know the file management commands (pwd, mkdir, cd, cp, mv, rm, cat, head, tail) and the nano text editor.
2. Access to the Imperial HPC resource. Staff can self-register, others have to ask their supervisor to register them online (please see the instructions). If you have problems registering, write to the RCS support.



Upcoming classes:


 Oct 22, 2021  13:00-16:00  Zoom Katerina Michalickova from the Graduate School registration link
 Nov 19, 2021 13:00-16:00   Zoom Katerina Michalickova from the Graduate School  registration link
Dec 15, 2021 13:00-16:00 Zoom Katerina Michalickova from the Graduate School registration link


Class materials:

Slides (with links to videos)

RCDS classes

Research Computing and Data Science courses

Courses at the Research Computing and Data Science Programme at the Graduate School are open for all students and staff.  Please register from the course pages below.  Research postgraduates who would like to receive Graduate School course credits have to register via the Graduate School site.


Introductory programming

Introduction to Python (online self-study)

General training links

General training links


Course Link 
Software Carpentry 

The Software Carpentry Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members teach researchers basic software skills.

Upcoming workshops.

ARCHER2 training

(currenly all online)


ARCHER2 is UK National Supercomputing Service that is available to scientists from all universities. The associated trainining team teaches advanced topics in HPC, parallel computing, perfomance analysis etc.

ARCHER2 training page with upcoming courses and past teaching materials and videos.

ARCHER virtual learning


The ARCHER virtual tutorials and webminars usually at 15:00 UK time on Wednesdays.

ARCHER Virtual Tutorials and Webinars with links to past sessions.

This ARCHER YouTube channel and a sizeable list of hands-on courses are highly recommended for starting with HPC. Please bear in mind that these materials were developed for the ARCHER system that is now decommissioned, so the system specific details may not apply.

Science and Technology Facilities Council  Latest events.
Science and Engineering South Events list.