When a Team is created, the Module Leader listed in Banner will be automatically enrolled as a Team Owner. Students will automatically be enrolled onto Teams as a Member, based on their enrolment information contained in Banner. Team Owners are responsible for managing the content and users within the Team. Additional Faculty staff members will need to be added as Owners manually.

Any changes that are made to a student record in Banner or a staff record in ICIS will be reflected in Teams. 

Please note that when a member of staff requests to be added to Teams sites, if an owner accepts the request, the member of staff becomes a member, but not an owner. Everyone who is an owner of a Teams site (especially teaching and admin staff) should be aware that if they accept a staff member's request for access they will also have to make the member of staff an owner if needed.

For instructions on adding additional Team Owners, please follow the Microsoft Teams support guide on the subject.

To assist in preparing for the 2020-2021 academic year, module administrators have been added as Team Owners automatically. For subsequent academic years, this will need to be completed manually.

Updating student enrolments in Teams

Enrolments in Teams reflect student module enrolments in Banner. If a student is no longer taking a module, and is unenrolled from it in Banner, then they will be removed from the corresponding Team. If the student is added to a new module in Banner, then they will also be automatically enrolled in the Team of their new module selection. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes in enrolments to take place. 

Note: Any contributions the student has made to a Team will remain.

If you need to remove a student from the Team permanently, this should be done via the Teams interface. Please be aware that this action is irreversible.

Adding guest Members to a Team

Individuals that are external to Imperial College can be added as Team Members. For example. you may need to add a guest lecturer to your Team. This is a manual process and is carried out in Teams. A guest can only be added by a member of staff that already has the Owner role in a Team. For instructions on adding a guest Member, please follow the Microsoft Teams support guide on the subject.