A Team can be created for any Imperial College module and can contain any relevant content. A Team can also be created for Cross-list modules, to facilitate teaching events that cover multiple modules. Teams are automatically created for the associated module from the information held in Banner (the Imperial College student records system) once the Module has been opted in by the Department.

For a Module to be opted in, staff should contact their Departmental Module Administrator, who will liaise with Registry to ensure a Team is automatically created. For Modules that need to be opted out, the same process should be followed.

If you need to create a Team for a course that is not listed in Banner, or for any other reason, please see the help materials on this subject for further information.

Create a Cross-list Team

A Cross-list Team is a single Team that is shared across more than one Banner module. They can be used to group together associated modules into a Team. Students will be added as Members to a Cross-list Team automatically, based on the student enrolment information for each module held in Banner. Staff will need to be added as Owners to a Cross-list Team manually. If you require Cross-list Teams to be created, please submit a request via ASK and complete and attach a spreadsheet with the relevant information listed below when making the request.

  • Department – 4 character code for the Department
  • Department Module code – The module code as it appears in Banner
  • Cross-list code – The cross-list code as it appears in Banner.
  • Cross-list name – The name of the cross-list that will appear in Teams
  • Administrator – List the usernames of staff that should be added as Team Owners, separated by a comma. This field may contain any member of staff, but not students.

Activating a Team

When a Team is initially created, it will be inactive. A member of staff with the Owner role must activate the Team so that it is available to students.

To activate a Team, carry out the following steps:

  1. Open the Teams app and select the Teams tab from the left-hand side menu
  2. Select the Team that you would like to make active
  3. If the Team is inactive, a message will display: “Your class isn’t visible to students yet.” Select Activate to make the Team available to students.



Note: Once activated, a team cannot be deactivated.

Renaming a Team

A Team name should not be altered through the Teams app. If changed manually, the name will automatically revert to the information held in Banner. If you need to make changes to a Team name, this should be carried in Banner by liaising with your Department Module Administrator. 

Hiding or Deleting a Team

It is not recommended to delete a Teams site that has been created by Banner; any data on Banner generated Teams sites should be preserved for ongoing student access.  If you want to reduce the number of Teams that are visible in your Teams list then it is recommended to ‘hide’ your Teams rather than delete them.  

If it is necessary to permanently delete a Team, the Module must be opted out via Banner first. To opt out of a Module, please liaise with your Department Module Administrator who will carry out this step on your behalf. Once this has been completed, a Team owner will be able to delete a Team.  

Please note that after a Teams deletion, all channels, files and interactions with the Team will be deleted for all members. You will be prompted to confirm this decision.  If you still need to delete a Team, please follow the Microsoft Teams support guide for deleting a Team.

Recovering a Team

A deleted Team can be recovered up to 30 days after deletion.  If it has been deleted over 30 days, then it will no longer be possible to recover the Team or any of its content. If you need to recover a Team, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Team expiry

Teams expire a year from the date and time the team was created. The team owner will be sent a notification for Team renewal 30 days, 15 days, and 1 day before the Team's expiration date. The team owner can let the Team expire or, should the Team still be needed, in the Team Setting select the option to ‘Renew now’ to reset the expiration date. For more information see the Teams Starter Guide and the Team expiration and renewal in Microsoft Teams web page. 

If the Team owner doesn't renew the Team and there is no further activity on the Team until the end of the expiration policy, it will be put in a "soft-deleted" state, which means it can be restored within the next 30 days.

Further support

Unfortunately, cloud-based systems do have issues from time to time. ICT will work closely with suppliers when a service goes down. Please contact the ICT Service Desk if you are having any issues using Teams for teaching and learning, making sure you have the following details:

  • What is the team name you are working on?
  • State what are you trying to do and what issue are you are experiencing?