The Panopto Personal Recorder is an application that can be downloaded and installed on your device. You can do this on any device providing that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • To download the installer, you will need Creator access to any folder in Panopto. Please contact your Faculty Ed Tech team for access or complete and submit the Panopto access request form to get Creator access. 

  • To install Panopto, you must have relevant admin permissions for the device you are using. If you are using a college device that you do not have admin permissions to, you should contact the ICT Service Desk for further assistance. 

Please see the Panopto support site for details and instructions on installing the Personal Recorder on your device: 

For devices supplied by Imperial College, you will need admin access to install the Panopto Personal Recorder. Please contact the ICT Service Desk who can advise further.  

Audio visual requirements

Many teaching spaces at Imperial College are already set up with the equipment required for you to use Panopto []. If you are recording away from campus, your device will need a microphone and webcam (if you intend to capture video).

You can use your device’s built-in camera if it has one. If not, you can use an external camera: these usually come with their own installation guide and we recommend you follow the instructions stated. Panopto does not require video to make a recording.

You can your computer's built-in microphone or the built-in microphone on your camera if either device has one. If your computer and webcam do not have built-in microphones, you must connect an external microphone, even if you do not intend to use sound (you can mute it), as Panopto will not make a recording without audio input.